“Patti Smith’s version of “Smells like Teen Spirit,” which featured on her tenth studio album Twelve, sat proudly among a selection of other cover songs as the punk poet paid tribute to some artists that she holds dearly. With her version of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, Smith decided to pick up Cobain’s work and swirl it around in her moody, dark folk world of creativity.”

World News are a South London-based trio that draw on ’80s alternative influences such as XTC and the Fall mixed in with 2000s indie. Of their new(ish) single they say,

“ ‘Wrapped In Gold’ questions the often mistaken correlating exclusivity of physical things and happiness,We aren’t there yet, but who cares because the grass isn’t always greener, it’s just different.”

All we know is that’s it’s a super cool track & we’re proud to play it on WHOOOSH!



Sault are a pseudonymous British music collective that make a mixture of rhythm and blues, house and disco. Despite critical acclaim, they have little to no interaction with the media. The project is helmed by producer Inflo, best known for his work with Little Simz, Michael Kiwanuka, Cleo Sol, Jungle and Adele.

Although this song is not brand new, “Don’t Waste My Time” is very WHOOOSH! -worthy!

Miss Tiny is the product of a friendship between producer/guitarist/Speedy Underground Guru Dan Carey and vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Benjamin Romans-Hopcraft. Dan and Ben have played together for a while but never released anything until now. Initially the two were known as What It’s Like To Be A Bat – taking the name of an essay written by American philosopher Thomas Nagel – they settled on Miss Tiny, a family name for Benjamin’s late grandmother.

Of the song “The Sound” , Romans-Hopcraft says, “The song is based around feelings of inner-city claustrophobia. Whether that’s at home, on your way to work, constantly socialising. There’s a certain tone to it all that feels like noise, which I feel like you can either hate or decide to enjoy as a means of running away from your own thoughts.”




always centered at night is a label started by Moby; He established it to sign “emerging and fascinating variety of singers to join with me in making music they might not have been able to make elsewhere.” If you didn’t know, Richard Melville Hall is Moby’s real name (and yes, a descendent of). He’s not only a musician (and seller of 20 million records) but an ardent animal rights activist.

The incredible Gaidaa is Sudanese, Netherlands born and raised musician, singer-songwriter. She sings the heck out of the song she created with Moby.

Their beautiful, beautiful song “transit” in in this week’s HOT SPOT


“Cute-Grove remix” comes from Moonchild Sanelly feat Trillary Banks off of Moonchild Sanelly‘s new “Phases Remixes” EP

Info: Sanelisiwe Twisha, known professionally as Moonchild Sanelly, is a South African musician and dancer. Grove says of the remix, “Moonchild’s music is catchy, sexy and bold. Much like myself, she’s unafraid of mixing, matching and fucking around with genres. The remix I’ve done is a bashment influenced twist on an already great tune between her & Trillary.”



DISQ is in the HOT SPOT with “Cujo Kiddies,” which came out in July, 2022. 

DISQ stand for “Desperately Imagining Some Quiet”  – so we wonder if they have children. The band is from Wisconsin, and about this song they say, “Wewanted to make a song that sounded like a freight train full of clowns and silly toys, barreling through the dark, observing and taking note of the various gloomy landscapes of my brain (without dwelling too long or taking any of it too seriously)”


Listen to this one! “Diamond Light” by New York’s Breanna Barbara is a gorgeous track if we ever heard one. Breanna was Tricky’s main touring vocalist since 2017, she last released an album – 6 years ago.

Breanna says ‘Diamond Light’ is a song about memory and how it can change through your perception of time.”  We love it, and you will too!

Are we playing a band twice in one episode? We sure are! The Paranoyds have two songs on the playlist – “Freak Out” and “BWR.” For the first track, they said their sound is ‘sort of like if Devo and The Breeders had a baby, and that baby’s aunt and uncle were Sonic Youth and the B-52’s’ but we hear early Blondie. On “BWR,”   they explain the fuzzy jam is inspired by feeling stuck in an endless routine for so long, daydreams no longer feel special or significant–they’ve just become the norm.

Listen to their songs on WHOOOSH!

Ego Apartment are from Japan but there wasn’t a lot of information out there for us to find. All the band members (2 guys, one girl) were born in 1998 and they’re a very cool, alternative leaning outfit. Of “REACH!” and all the songs off their debut album they say, “We began writing these songs before deciding on a particular theme for the album, so in that sense, you could say that this is a sound that we could only express at this point in time.”

“I think my Mind has Made up its Mind” is a long title but it’s from a great song, so worth the trade! It comes from The Wombats, an indie rock band formed in Liverpool. Their EP Is This What It Feels Like to Feel Like This?, which came out in November. The three man group got their name because they called each other “wombat” when they made stupid mistakes.


“Breakdown Days” comes from White Lies, an English post-punk revival band from Ealing. They say the song was written in the heart of the first UK lockdown. “We felt trapped in many ways not being able to tour or to work. The lyrics are about yearning to reach out about your problems but because you’re living together, in close quarters, it means you can’t totally lose your shit!” 

Lose it or not, this song is ace!



Where have Young Fathers been our whole lives? This track, “I Saw,” is from their 4th album, Heavy Heavy, which comes out in February, 2023.

This trio are a Scottish band, based in Edinburgh, Scotland. In 2014, they won the Mercury Prize for their album “Dead.” The name ‘Young Fathers’ references that they are all named after their fathers as well as their mature, serious demeanor. They say the song is “That pamphlet through your door blaming the establishment and immigrants for everything going wrong. The stench of long-dead empire, trudging along, a psychological hammer to your head in every step. The delusion.”